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Garden furniture: Designed for the outdoors Vs brought from indoors?

  • Sophia
  • April 14, 2020

Summer is officially on its way!! and for the foreseeable we are all staying home, staying safe and saving our wonderful NHS.

This leaves many of us now thinking … How can we make the most of our MUCH NEEDED outside space?

For all those out there with either gardens or balconies, it’s time to start using them as an extension of our homes, and not a second thought or just a place to put the dog’s out! This extra space can really make a difference to normal day to day life, doubling up as another lounge, dining, gym or play area or even the ‘new home office’.

Lets face it, our summers can be a little ‘fragile’, but that being said we have to hope in the best.. after all, if there is a garden umbrella, who says we can’t BBQ in the rain with wellies on?!

In this blog today I’m going to discuss the GARDEN FURNITURE dilemma we all face. Do we buy furniture designed for the garden or try and make furniture from inside have DUAL purpose?

To answer this I think what we first need to think about is; how do we want to feel when relaxing in the garden? I know that in the morning, when I see the sun’s out, I think…. ‘I hope I get a chance to get outside today!’ then face the reality of running a chaotic household and daily chores, not to mention now ‘home schooling’. So when the moment appears and there’s a 10 minute window away from folding the washing and picking up biscuits, the last thing I want is to start moving my furniture out to the garden, or unfolding tables and loungers so I can make the most of those precious warm rays of sun! Thats far too much effort and I’m far too harassed by the end of that scenario to enjoy an afternoon Pimms.
Also, remember, due to the unpredictability of the British weather, at the end of all the furniture hokey-cokey… It has to be moved back indoors again!!

Any outside areas, large or small are a vital part of connecting us to nature and getting fresh air. We need to be able to use these areas as extensions of our living space, an extra room to our home. Some people do like to use indoor furniture outside or purchase conservatory furniture to move outdoors when needed, however we wouldn’t buy a sofa bed for the living room and move it into the spare room for when friends or family come to stay… then move it back again in the morning!
Each room has a purpose, so put simply, a sofa bed would be bought and used ‘fit for purpose’ in the room it lived in.

The same is true for our gardens. The variety of Garden Furniture available suits all shapes, sizes and needs of the space and budget that we have to work with. It is all weather, built for the job and mostly a blank canvas for us to style as we please. Any excuse to buy more cushions and throws!!
Many designs of garden furniture can be packed together or folded down to save space for the more bijou of gardens areas.

By using garden furniture designed for the purpose, we can enjoy our outside spaces from the moment we have the opportunity to in our busy lives.
Avoid the hassle of trying to unfold a chair one handed with either a baby on your hip, laptop in hand or even an ice cold GnT…
Where possible lets not make life more complicated than it needs to be!

Let’s try, where possible to create our outside space into a beautiful, botanical room of our homes.

There are some great deals out there at the moment. Garden furniture is a HOT TOPIC and most designs are easily available from online stores- still delivering during Covid19! Here are some examples of what’s about:

Beautiful bamboo relax garden chair from OLIVE & SAGE. From £98 this collection is stunning and easily stored!
Monaco 5-piece Rattan CUBE dining £269.00 from online retailer STUDIO.
Marrakech Corner Dining Set- £299.00 from online retailer STUDIO.
Corner longe sofa/ Dining for up to 8/ condensable and stylish.
Olive & Sage also off these great Hammered side tables/ stools £98
EBAY.. Vintage Bamboo recliner, also doubles up
as a flat day bed for extra seating. £100!

So, lots of ideas and variety available… Have fun looking!!

Until next time- Stay safe out there,

Much love
Sophia XX