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Design Inspiration-ology

  • Sophia
  • November 9, 2020

So…where do we begin?!

This is question asked thousands of times a day by people all over the world looking to design and redecorate a space. My name is Sophia, and I’m the designer behind Golden Feathers Interiors, and I am here this week, to share with you, alongside Claire Parkin (@claireparkininteriors), just how to find and keep your inspiration.

There are of course, all of the wonderful usual platforms that we know and love! Pinterest is invaluable, as is the Internet. The images that we can build from are fantastic and very varied. However, I’d like to talk about how we can find our OWN inspiration and original content, so we don’t use the ideas from a screen!

Inspiration comes from many aspects of life, mostly it’s all absorbed subconsciously, and we end up just feeling comfortable in a space without really understanding why.
The key to creating a design for your home comes from recognising where your inspiration finds its roots, and then feeding your soul with it.

I’d like to share with you, just a couple of areas where I find inspiration for my designs. Also, top tips I use to stay inspired and motivated to make change.

So lets start…

Throw open those wardrobe doors!

We all own items we adore, but rarely have the opportunity to wear. If we allow it to, these items will live out their entire lives moulded to a hanger. Now, Im not suggesting we use sequin dresses as wallpaper! But we need to understand that those items are there because they fed your inspiration. The colours, the texture, the shape and the way you wanted to feel when wearing them…

Your wardrobe is a window into your personality, your likes and dislikes. Its a cupboard full of ideas waiting to burst onto your wall colours and the textures of your furnishings. Even accessories can inspire trimmings.
I often completely blend into my home!

Let’s have some fun while on lockdown this month. 

Join our INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE!!.. take a picture of how your wardrobe choices have effected your home decor, even a fabulous selfie of you dressed like your home and we’ll share in the fun with you. 

Simply follow @opulentboho and @claireparkininteriors 

Then #wearmyhome to get involved. Can’t wait to see all the posts you guys will have!

Next up…

Let’s talk about collecting those creative moments.

A box, a tray or a pin board can be your best design buddy. Inspiration may also be found in a leaf while out walking, photos from a day trip, a great meal in a restaurant and flicking through a magazine. Think back through your memories, did your Nan have a vintage linen closet? Do you remember the layers of patterns and colours from that?

Keeping original content from your own inspiration is VITAL to staying unique.

We don’t all share the same style, so why design by what’s ‘on trend’ and end up living in a strangers home?!

Home is your most personal space, help yourself grow in your environment by starting an inspiration box or board, to collect all those special moments as they happen to you.

A pattern or a flow will arise over time, then draw from your collection to create your ideal palette, fabric choices and atmosphere of your space.

As Interior Designers, we are also always here to help. Our homes really do shape our personality, my motivation comes from knowing that making changes helps my customers and I embrace positivity.

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment, it fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones”

Over the next few weeks Claire and I will be running a weekly Blog with guests from the industry sharing their invaluable knowledge. Next week we are talking “Plants” and the importance of bringing the outdoors in, top tips on care and how plants shape our interiors.

We will be joined by the amazing team from London House Plants who also have a gift to share.

So to continue this discussion, pop over now to Claire Parkin (@claireparkininteriors) to read Part 2 where Claire will be providing more top tip must knows to finding your inspiration.

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