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Hardwearing Finishes for a Hardworking Home

  • Sophia
  • November 23, 2020

Welcome back to episode 3 in our Blog series. Over the past 3 weeks we have discussed ways to find your own inspiration in designing for your home, also the importance of including plants in our lives and the best way to style and care for them. This week we are going to focus on how we can make our homes more hardwearing.

We are all living and working from home more these days, so our homes have all needed to become playgrounds for both Children and Adults alike. All this new activity in our homes means that it needs some help to be more robust! Spending a little on making our homes more hardwearing saves a lot of time and maintenance in the long run, but with so many products out there, where do we begin? I’m excited to share with you this weeks collaboration with LICK .

LICK are the online decorating destination!

With one click you will find everything you need for home decorating, delivered next day in eco- friendly presentation boxes, and all at a great price. From amazing paints in a wide colour palette that are all multi-surface, high durability and low VOC, to wipeable wallpapers, all designed in- house that are complimentary to their paints, in a variety of prints to suit any room. On their website you can also order tool packs containing the full kit you need to complete your project.

No more standing in queues and wandering from aisle to aisle in DIY stores.

Protecting our walls from scuffs and grubby fingers is a must for longevity in our homes. Here are some examples of LICKs multi surface and hardwearing paints that can all be wiped down, great for hallways, kitchens and high traffic living areas of our homes. You can order samples of all these paints online, just open your box, and peel and stick them to your walls!

The colours forecasted for 2021 are expected to help our homes create more embracing, secure and grounded feeling indoors. Allowing us to shut the door and be in a haven away from the worlds insecurities. We will be seeing less Grey and more ‘Greige’, warmer and more earthy tones.

Also here’s just one example of the beautiful wallpaper options, all of which are excellent quality, high durability and wipeable.

Butterflies take the glory!!

The Blue 07 creates an image of moths dancing across a beautiful night sky, with the warmth created for the space using yellow 02 and orange 02.

This wallpaper is printed on fine grade, toll coated and non-woven paper.

It is very durable and wipeable, perfect for creating and sustaining that special feel for your space.

All these wallpapers can be used with their complimenting paints! Being able to make these choices all from one destination really does help with your design decisions and saves precious time!

Head to LICK at Here you will be able to read through a multitude of amazing information pulled together by their team of colourists, designers and expert decorators. These guys really do guide you through every step of the way with how to’s and top tricks!

Here is just some examples of what you can find…

How to decorate on a budget in just 7 steps, how to pick your right colour considering the light in your room, preparing a room for decoration, how to paint a wall to a perfect finish and even top tips on wallpapering those awkward corners!

Click on to the article ‘In Good Taste’ from the LICK homepage or follow this link to ‘In Good Taste’ to see more. You can also book yourself a 30 minute video consultation with the experts if you need more assistance.

Thanks for your support LICK… THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!

Many of us have furniture in our homes that could do with protection from all the dents of the day. For example how many dining tables now double up as a home office and schooling space?!

Our painted furniture may now be wearing a few more marks and chips, not to mention the grubby marks on our sofas.

There are products out there to help prevent all of this and provide better protection for them to carry on working hard for us.

Using a food safe Hard Wax Oil like ‘Oli Natura’ on our tables and worktops not only nourishes the timber itself, but protects it from daily life and keeps them looking at their best for longer. Once oiled, they are very resilient to stains and spillages

Easy to apply!

Before and after photos of an Oak top table.

ust-oleum make a multi surface, clear protection top coat called ‘Crystal Clear’ this gives invisible hard wearing finish. Top tip.. is to use it on your painted wooden surfaces it gives protection against chips, especially on interior doors and frames. Here is our teams Decorator who makes this product a staple in his toolkit:

“I use this product at the end of every job possible. It always give great job satisfaction to see the perfect finish and happy customers!” – VF Decorators

One of my personal stars of the show is ‘Decorators Varnish’ by Polyvine. It is a unique, clear acrylic varnish that uses nano-technology to protect a wide range of decorative surfaces against finger marks, stains, scuffing and colour fading.

This product can be applied direct to wallpaper without effecting its finish to protect it against busy daily life

There is also something to save our sofas! ‘Scotchgard Spray’. Applied to your sofa, this waterproofs your fabrics, making them wipeable, especially on Sofa arms where the most contact happens.

One last practical way I want to share in creating a hardwearing area in the home is to talk about hallways and stairs. These areas welcome us home, and if they are narrow often get battered by whatever we bring with us as we come through. Applying wall panelling and painting it with a high durability, washable paint, will not only look fabulous but help give protection to your walls and allow the area to work hard for you.

We really hope that these few examples and top tips have helped you to consider further ways to toughen up your home.

“By giving love and care to our homes, our homes will embrace us back. Allow your home to be the haven you need it to be!”

Pop over now to Claire Parkin to continue this discussion on making hardwearing homes. Join us next week where we will be discussing ‘Shopping Free in Your Own Home.’