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Our Story

Hi, I’m Sophia, Founder and Owner of Golden Feather Interiors. Since childhood, I have had a passion for all things style and interiors. After working in different industries, renovating two homes and a self-build while raising children, I feel I have the first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to balance family, work and then think about renovating and styling a home that you are running and living in!

So, After 20 years I’ve decided to re-train and launch a way to help add a little opulence into the normal day-to-day. After all, we all enjoy something a little special!

At Golden Feathers Interiors, we believe that your environment shapes who we are so it’s vital to make yours become, who you want to be.

Our services include a personal one to one experience, starting with a consultation. It’s very important that together we discover how you want your room to feel. We’ll build a bespoke room scheme creating for you an inspiring space on a domestic and affordable level. You’ll be so proud to call your house your home.

We also source all products to be used in your project and within your budgets. Thus saving you all the precious time that nobody has spare!

I really look forward to meeting you and creating your dreams together.